// Birth Story Pt. 2//

Another napping baby moment… By the way, I don’t know who said that newborns sleep all the time. I swear our baby only sleeps a couple of hours during the day at best!

Also, let’s take a moment to show how good I looked just weeks before she arrived. Seriously, all of that extra blood in your body gives you a literal GLOW! I hardly wore any makeup that last month or two b/c of the natural lovely color I had. I just had to point out this picture b/c well..the day after I gave birth…I swear it looked like death washed over me. I was a ghost! Ok, now that we took care of that. Moving on.


I think I finished with we were just heading to the Hospital.  Were we a bit anxious about having our plans change on us in a matter of minutes… plans that we had made for 10 months on how and where we wanted this birth? Yes, we definitely were. Although, what we were more anxious about would be the excitement of meeting our little girl soon! Soon, of course, turned into 12 hrs after getting to the Hospital…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m pretty sure it’s quite common to be leaking fluids when you’re getting closer to birthing a baby. I had for a couple of hours before we left our house.  So we brought a roll of paper towels, so as not to create a puddle everywhere that I went.  There were also few things that still fit me, since I refused to buy much maternity clothes.  So I was wearing a dress when pulling up to Bellevue Medical.  As you can imagine, trying to hold paper towels in various places and walking quickly in a dress to get to your room…well…it just doesn’t look pretty.  It was actually somewhat comical, despite the fact that I was having contractions while  speed walking and standing in the elevator.

So we got to our room and they set me up on a monitor for the baby and me. I guess they wanted to monitor our heartbeats every hour for 20 minutes. It was a huge pain. Mainly because I knew I would be moving around in various different positions that we had learned about in our Bradley Method classes.  All of this moving around during contractions was to help the whole process and monitors just got in the way.  I was quite happy that this hospital was very familiar with my midwife and they understood that I wanted an all natural birth.  We were able to quickly wrap up some paperwork that pretty much took care of the “we, the hospital, won’t push you to use any sort of drug” mumbo jumbo. That was comforting for us to not have to worry about the rest of the time.

The next thing I remember was my doula or midwife telling me to get some rest to have energy to push later and also to have time for the contractions to get closer together.  Well, I get the idea of getting rested up. It did SEEM smart.  Although, telling a very pregnant women with strong back labor to try and get some rest seemed like a crazy idea to me! So I tried resting and so did Brant, but every time I had a contraction..I had to have him rub my lower back…it was just excruciating. Neither of us got much rest and hours went by.  Our plan all along was to have a water birth. I had REALLY wanted a water birth. I could have even had one at this hospital, but since there was meconium..it was no longer an option.  I think Jessie had the idea of me getting in the tub just for a bit to see if that would take away some of the pain and help me fall asleep.  It did indeed help and that 30 minutes in there was probably the most rest I’d had in awhile.   The hours were blurring together…  I had always wondered when women say that you “feel the need to push”, what that meant.  Well now I get it.  It had to be around 5 or 6..who knows..maybe 7 a.m. My midwife, Heather, and the midwife/nurse in training, were starting to come into the room.  It had mostly been just Brant & I for hours with Jessie eventually coming in to see if I needed anything or even just to give Brant a break for a bit. The nurse would pop in to check the monitors, but otherwise she was mostly out of the room too.

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// Pull up a chair, this is going to take awhile…//

As promised, I’m finally getting around to posting my birth story.Frances is napping at the moment, so we shall see how far I get!

FAIR WARNING: This a a birth story in which I am writing down to share but half of the reason is just so I don’t forget any detail! This isn’t a lighthearted post about my favorite place to visit or my favorite nail polish color. :)

It’s hard to know where to begin with all of this. I’ve heard that first time moms tend to have their babies during week 41 or 42, so I was preparing myself for that.  It 41 weeks though…I was definitely ready to meet our baby girl and excited(in some weird way) to go through the whole labor experience.

I started to have contractions off and on during the last week of April.  I’ve heard you can have them for a week or two, so I wasn’t quite getting my hopes up terribly…although I knew it meant she would be here sooner than later. I had been doing a few of the things to help the induction process move along more naturally, including bouncing on our yoga ball all week.

On late Friday night, I felt like I was starting to get consistent contractions.  They felt real enough that it felt better to walk around our bedroom instead of lying on my side and having my husband rub my back.  Being, soon to be, first time parents..it was hard to know… “is this real?”, “are these contractions that close apart?”, ” could she arrive by tomorrow morning?”, “do I have any clue what I’m doing?”.  That all being said, I decided to call our Doula (Jessie) and have her come over and she could help me figure this all out.  I figured, at worst, that I called her over too early and, at best, that I was right on track with having labor soon.

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Our life is forever changed with the arrival of this little.
Frances Ivy
Born on May 4th
7lbs 10 oz

Birth Story soon to follow..

Our life is forever changed with the arrival of this little.

Frances Ivy

Born on May 4th

7lbs 10 oz

Birth Story soon to follow..

// Three weeks left!//

This time with baby girl is almost a wrap, as I’m now 37 weeks along!  I’m anxiously awaiting the chapter in our lives where she will be in my arms instead of my tummy!  It’s been, in some ways, a very chaotic time in my life.  I believe that’s made being pregnant go incredibly quick!  Since I feel that I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy, I’ve been able to focus on other things.  Things like moving to Omaha, and unpacking/arranging things in our new home, helping out with what I can with the new store in Omaha,  and just living a normal life.. all while being pregnant. Maybe God knew what I could handle? :)

Have I handled this like a champ?  That may have to be answered by others.  I’ve definitely had my moments of “woe is me” and “I can’t believe our baby room has barely been started?!”  Our life is pretty good though and for the most part I can’t complain.  I’ve been so grateful to get to have this experience of being pregnant and feeling a new little life move around. Crazy!  For me, these past 9 months have been fairly easy and I’ve taken most things by stride.  Of course, now is when I’m starting to feel this overwhelming, crazy, how will I get it all done, how will I know everything there is to take care of this newborn that is soon to arrive…feeling.

A COUPLE of the questions rolling around in my head these days..

Cloth diapering is something we would like to do. What the heck is the best diaper..what’s the best detergent…how many times do you wash them before hand?!  So many questions… just to figure out what the baby is going to poop in?

Breastfeeding!  Will it be easy? Will it be hard?  Will it all just come so naturally? Seeing some of these facebook pages on this stuff.. goodness.  I didn’t know there could be so many problems?!

This all might seem uninteresting to you and maybe a bit trivial, but this is real life and it waits for no one!

Taking the Bradley Method birth class did calm a lot of those fears of the unknown.  I pride myself in REALLY learning something that interests me and with the 10 wk class we took, I feel good about a lot of things.  It has helped me feel more confident with our decision to do an all natural birth as well as many other “naturally” minded things that go along with after the baby is here.  It was a great experience to be around other first time parents and get their take on things.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’ve learned a ton and still feel quite inadequate to be a MOM.  Crazy, I’ll be that word soon!  I’m sure I won’t even believe it when it is a reality.  We’ve prayed for this baby before I was even pregnant and the past 9 months as well.  I look forward to praying for her/us with the new challenges that she gives us this year. It’s all going to be great…even during those sleepless nights and days that we feel like a zombie.

So excited to meet you baby girl..

Also, this is a photo of me while having breakfast the other day. Bedhead and all.  Sometimes it’s SO GREAT not feeling the need to post the best/posed/filtered photo. Ya dig?


It's tough to know
what to begin with
so therefore I won't begin
with much of a
at all.